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“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and also share with you some observations over the past few months. You may already know some of this, but it’s worth repeating because the separation is amazing! I have really enjoyed my first few months of CrossFit and after dropping in on a few other boxes since I started, I feel like I appreciate it even more. First, the gym itself is first class, period. The largest of the 4 that I have been to, but more importantly also the cleanest, and most professional. You are also responsible for supplying the most variety of and the best equipment out of all of them. It is clear that you take a lot of pride in the gym, and you set the example for the hundreds of people that take pride in it as well. Beyond the gym itself and the equipment, your staff is amazing. Every single one of them is friendly and genuinely happy to be there, and always helpful. I mainly attend the 6:15 class, and I can tell you that Jeff and Steve have to be as good as they come. I found that what I thought was normal, was actually exceptional, when visiting these other gyms. Jeff and Steve’s programming, approach, and communication are so good that you don’t even realize it. They make sure that everyone is being challenged, but is also safe and having fun! I did not feel like there was as much thought or understanding that went into the programming at the other gyms ( I joked with Jeff and Steve that I don’t get sore at the other gyms so they must be doing something wrong). But more importantly I felt like the direction was hard to follow, vague, and even contradictory at times. I am not pointing these things out to knock the other gyms, but to let you know that you are doing it right. The gym is the great, and in a time where it is so hard to find great people, you seem to have found all of them. Thank you for providing such an awesome experience.”
“I needed a new fitness plan in my life, and this is great. I am 53 years old and find challenging myself even more so now than in my 20s. Hard work, but I will continue.”
“So far it has surpassed my expectations! The coaches are great: they're friendly, interactive, engaging, encouraging, knowledgeable... I'm learning everyday & challenging myself... Overall I like it.”
“Love it. It's amazing the difference from the first night. I was exhausted from the warm up now am getting through the WOD's, still exhausted but getting through them.”

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