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Meredith Simmons

I graduated Syracuse University in 1992 :) then moved on to my masters degree at the Wilmington University. Athletics and sports have been a part of my life starting at a very young age. I was a varsity softball athlete throughout high school, I moved to Colorado to pursue skiing, hiking and mountain biking then grew into the sport of running and biking. I participate in many local races and have taken part in 4 sprint triathlons. I’ve always been know to follow my heart and search out new challenges physically and mentally.

In 2007 my heart found CrossFit. I have been in love ever since. I am the owner of CrossFit Rivefront and it has grown to be my home not my business. The athletes and coaches here are not my employees, they are my family, and most of all the work is not work, it is FUN, it is thrilling, and exciting and a new adventure everyday!

Teaches: CrossfitRivfit

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit - CrossFit Endurance - CrossFit Kids - CrossFit Nutrition - CrossFit Gymnastics - CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

Jeff Scarborough

I graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. I have played sports my entire life including a year of football and lacrosse at a Division III school in Pennsylvania. Throughout my years of athletics, I was familiarized and coached through Olympic style lifting and circuit training, but was not introduced to CrossFit until July 2012. A friend pointed him towards CrossFit Riverfront in the Summer of 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. I have competed in many CrossFit competitions and have even started a Competition Class at The Riv. I am our Sr. Head Coach programming all of our CrossFit workouts. Additionally, I launched CrossFit Riverfront’s Sports Specific Training in the Summer of 2013, and in the Spring 2014 will expand it to Riverfront Athletics, targeting high school athletes.

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit - CrossFit Football - Coach's Prep Course

Matthew Keen

Got into weightlifting when I began playing college baseball. After college used working out as a means to replace the competitive aspect that teams sports had provided previously. Have done CrossFit style workouts on my own for about seven years but just joined a CrossFit box for the first time in summer 2013.

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit

Steve Bart

I first picked up crossfit while in bootcamp with the army in 2008. I played sports in high school and I really liked how the drill instructor ran the workouts. I never really knew what they were but I was always winded and beat up. I got in touch with him a few years later and told him that I had been doing this thing called crossfit and it’s a lot like what he had us do. He said, “what do you think you did in bootcamp, dumby!”

I just recently returned from a tour overseas with the Delaware Army National Guard. I am still currently enlisted in the military and I try to help all of my subordinates and my superiors get into better shape training with crossfit.

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit

Kirsten Stallone

My name is Kirsten Stallone I have been an athlete my whole life. Throughout high school I played soccer, basketball, and track. When I moved onto college at Wilmington university I continued to play soccer where I was NCAA rookie of the year. My senior year I broke my tibia and fibula completely in half and never thought I would be in college level shape again. When I finished college I attempted to stay in shape by just running and trying to stay active, until my friend suggested CrossFit. Immediately fell in love and got into the best shape of my life not to long after that. My leg was stronger and I felt better than ever. The feeling of competition and the change in my body and strength I gained mentally through CrossFit is something that I love and have become addicted to. My favorite workout is Fran and filthy 50. One of my favorite quotes is “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit - ACE certified personal trainer

John Hanlon

Howdy, I’m John and I have a passion for combat sports. I love mixed martial arts, boxing, Bjj, kickboxing and any other self-defense application. I’m currently a defensive tactics instructor for a federal law enforcement agency and prior to that I moonlighted as a professional mixed martial arts fighter with a record of 4-2.

Teaches: FightFit

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit

Mikaelyn Austin

I’m originally from sunny San Diego, but made the trek to the East Coast in 2004 to attend the University of Pennsylvania. There I studied Mixed-Media Production and was a duel sport D-1 Athlete on the Women’s Basketball and Women’s Track & Field teams. After graduating from Penn, I trained as an amateur Muay Thai Kickboxer and served as captain and starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia Liberty Belles women’s semi-pro, full-tackle football team.

In 2010, Crossfit crashed its way into my life like a big mac truck. In less than a week of classes, I was obsessed!! Now, four years later, I am a very proud coach at Crossfit Riverfront and an outspoken advocate of the amazing benefits that Crossfit can provide people of all levels of fitness. As a former division one athlete, I have a true PASSION FOR POWER. So, watch out all you new members… I will have you drinking the Crossfit Kool-Aid before you know it, and looking damn good doing it!

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting CrossFit Football

Ross Kleszics

I believe that in order to improve overall wellness you must start with a healthy lifestyle, starting with nutritional knowledge and fitness goals. It is never to early or to late in life to get strong, and overcome obstacles that once seemed intimidating. I was a decathlete at West Chester University, where I discovered my love for lifting and athletic competition. After that I obtained a degree in nutrition at the University of Delaware. I have been lucky enough to implement and share what I have learned throughout my Crossfit journey.

I met Meredith in 2008 through a mutual friend and box owner. Since then, I have been a personal trainer in Wilmington and now a Crossfit coach which has allowed me to share, teach, and learn from all of the athletes and trainers I have worked with. My certifications include NASM CPT, CES and CrossFit Level 1. There is nothing I love more then a fitness journey. If you have any questions or concerns I am always willing and able to listen.

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit

Bill Murphy

I picked up working out while playing football and wrestling at St. Marks high school. After high school, I went on to graduate from the University of Delaware with a degree in Heath and fitness management and I am currently on schedule to graduate from Delaware Tech in May 2014 with a Degree in nursing. Outside of the Riv I also work as a nurse extern at St. Francis hospital.

Although I enjoy caring for patients in the hospital, my real passion is helping Clients at the Riv get healthy in order to prevent them from ever entering a hospital. I am a firm believer that Intense WODs and clean eating are the keys to a long and healthy life.

Teaches: CrossfitRivfit

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit

Allie Rozovsky

I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in psychology and neuroscience. I am studying to go back for my doctorate in psychology and preventative health. I first started CrossFit about a year ago when I met Ross and he knew I would love CrossFit and the Riv. It has become a second home to me and I love everyone here, the atmosphere and the feeling of community. I encourage anyone to try it, there is no age limit, it doesn’t matter how in shape or out of shape you are CrossFit is universal and the Riv will make you healthier mentally and physically. Your body is where you have to live your entire life, prevent disease, take care of yourself and let the Riverfront community help you do it.

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